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First Yard Sale of the Year a Success!

We had the first of our semi-annual yard sales last weekend (March 11), and the first as an official nonprofit. It was so busy, with wave after wave of people buying, that even with six volunteers we didn’t have time to get any photos during the event—it was just too busy!

That constant business, though, was a really good thing. We made $401, which purchased a lot of supplies later in the week, some of which we distributed yesterday (March 18). People were happy to receive the hygiene and first-aid supplies, clothing, water, and friendly smiles.

While we were doing this most recent give in the park, we noticed the sprinklers coming on at an unorthodox time, soaking some of the people living on the streets, along with their belongings. This is something we’re going to look into, and see if we can work with the city to ensure that watering practices follow the best environmental plan, while also taking into account the men, women, and children who utilize these public spaces for survival.

We are optimistic that our concerns will addressed appropriately by the city, and that the best interests of all involved will be taken into consideration.

If you have items you’d like to donate to our next yard sale, please reach out to us at 505-883-0211, through our Facebook page, or e-mail. Thank you for supporting A Light in the Night!

Some of the supplies we purchased with the proceeds of the yard sale:

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